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Worth Reading

This page has links to information resources, news stories, op-eds and other resources.

An analysis of news sources based on potential bias and quality

An article in the New Yorker on what calling your Member of Congress achieves.

A link with information on how protests can (and are) forcing GOP House members to change or kill bad legislation . - This is such a good article - it will be posted in several places

How You Can Thwart Trump - Andy Borowitz
Atlantic magazine story of the alt-right signaling Trump is their Hitler. Literally.
Advice on talking to staffers

How Trump And Farage Won By Promising The People The World
How to stay (literally) sane the next four years
The unintended security risk of DJT's worldwide business
A smaller America on the world stage (British perspective)
The state of American women from a French perspective
An important, thorough article on Mike Pence's unusual role in this presidency