Download Your MoCs

The Indivisible Guide tells us that contacting your Members of Congress (MoCs) to make your voice heard is probably the most important action you can take! So, to make that easier, we've created downloadable contact records for Colorado MoCs which you should be able to download directly into the Address Book or Contacts on your mobile phone/device or computer. 

Each contact record contains the MoC name, phone numbers, fax numbers, and links for web, Twitter, GovTrack,, and more. Most of the time, you'll just want the contacts for the representatives in the district where you live. If you don't know what District you're in, click the map at right (opens in new tab) or click this link and enter your ZIP code to find out (then come back to this page to download). 

To download to your phone, use your phone's browser to visit this page (the one you're reading now) and click on the link for the contact or contact set you want.